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The WSU MSA facebook page will be regularly updated and anyone can join. You don't have to be a WSU student to like our facebook page. It's one of our main form of communication so please "like" to receive notifications of our events and announcements.

Step 1: Follow the link

the first step to officially joining WSU MSA is to click HERE, follow the link and select "Washington State University @ Pullman"


Step 2: Enter basic info

Click on "Not a member? Register Now!" then enter basic info. Please select an email that you frequently check. It does NOT have to be a WSU email.

Step 3: Join Now!

Once you have entered the info the browser will take you to a different page. Click on the "Join Now" button!

Prayer Schedule

**Iqama Times**

Fajr+25 min. Dhuhr at 1:30 PM. Asr +5 min. Maghrib +10 min. Insha +5 min.

Download Schedule (PDF)


MSA Activities

MSA-WSU is currently involved with, or is planning activities like, the following:

  • Free tutoring (CUB #307)
  • Competitive Quiz Program
  • Blood drive
  • Group study sessions
  • One-day fasting
  • Daily prayers at MSA Office and Pullman Islamic Center (Masjid al-Farooq)
  • Ramadan meals (iftar) for all!
  • Potluck dinner on Saturday nights (all year) at the Pullman Islamic Center
  • Islamic films, lectures, dialogues, etc., including Islam Awareness Week
  • Interfaith conversation and community projects
  • Fundraising BBQs
  • Eid celebrations
  • Annual picnic
  • Sisters’ Night
  • Brothers’ Night
  • Pluralism Project
  • Dawah table