WSU Islamic Awareness Week

Islamic Awareness Week (IAW) at Washington State University is a part of a national attempt to inform students about Islam. The week’s events and activities are primarily focused on disproving many stereotypes and prejudices surrounding Islam and Muslims. WSU MSA puts on Islamic Awareness Week annually every spring semester aimed to educate students and break down common misunderstandings about Islam. IAW is open to students and faculty of Washington State University and University of Idaho as well as the Pullman and Moscow communities. Islamic Awareness Week 2017 is from March 27th-March 31st.

The week's events consist of Dawa tables on Glenn Terrell Mall, panel discussions on important Islamic topics, Movie Nights, Keynote speeches and the final event on Friday is an Open House at the Pullman Islamic Center with free Islamic cuisine and a sermon by the Imam.

Prayer Schedule

**Iqama Times**

Fajr+25 min. Dhuhr at 1:30 PM. Asr +5 min. Maghrib +10 min. Insha +5 min.

Download Schedule (PDF)


MSA Activities

MSA-WSU is currently involved with, or is planning activities like, the following:

  • Free tutoring (CUB #307)
  • Competitive Quiz Program
  • Blood drive
  • Group study sessions
  • One-day fasting
  • Daily prayers at MSA Office and Pullman Islamic Center (Masjid al-Farooq)
  • Ramadan meals (iftar) for all!
  • Potluck dinner on Saturday nights (all year) at the Pullman Islamic Center
  • Islamic films, lectures, dialogues, etc., including Islam Awareness Week
  • Interfaith conversation and community projects
  • Fundraising BBQs
  • Eid celebrations
  • Annual picnic
  • Sisters’ Night
  • Brothers’ Night
  • Pluralism Project
  • Dawah table