The Islamic Center of Pullman (Masjid Al Farouq) is the local mosque in Pullman, WA and is located only a few blocks from the WSU campus. The mosque was built in 1982 when it was one of only 80 other mosques in the United States. The beautiful mosque features the traditional minaret proudly and is a well-known symbol of Islam in the city of Pullman. The mosque is the best place for Muslim students to come and meet other Muslims in Pullman and make some Muslim friends. The mosque is also a great place for non-Muslims to come and socialize with Muslims and learn more about Islam.

The Islamic Center of Pullman is located at NE 155 Stadium Way Pullman, WA 99163. They can be reached by phone at (509) 334-9424.

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Prayer Schedule

**Iqama Times**

Fajr+25 min. Dhuhr at 1:30 PM. Asr +5 min. Maghrib +10 min. Insha +5 min.

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MSA Activities

MSA-WSU is currently involved with, or is planning activities like, the following:

  • Free tutoring (CUB #307)
  • Competitive Quiz Program
  • Blood drive
  • Group study sessions
  • One-day fasting
  • Daily prayers at MSA Office and Pullman Islamic Center (Masjid al-Farooq)
  • Ramadan meals (iftar) for all!
  • Potluck dinner on Saturday nights (all year) at the Pullman Islamic Center
  • Islamic films, lectures, dialogues, etc., including Islam Awareness Week
  • Interfaith conversation and community projects
  • Fundraising BBQs
  • Eid celebrations
  • Annual picnic
  • Sisters’ Night
  • Brothers’ Night
  • Pluralism Project
  • Dawah table